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GandCrab Ransomware Operation to Retire by July 2019

As of today, the world is short one ransomware operation. The team behind the malicious GandCrab Ransomware operation has formally stated that the service is coming to a close by […]

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Best VPN for Gaming

Best VPN for Gaming

In 2019, the gaming industry is booming. We have come a long way from the days of lonely geeks playing alone in their dark basements. Today, the gaming industry is […]

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Google’s ‘Secret’ Nest Microphone

At the beginning of 2019, Google announced its latest Nest-branded smart home devices in the form of the Nest Secure alarm system. The system includes three products: the Nest Guard, […]

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chat bots

How chatbots are changing consumer engagement and satisfaction

The battle for customer attention is more competitive than ever. Not only is there more competition, the tools used to grab this attention are constantly improving and diversifying. Customer attention, […]

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Protecting Children’s Privacy a Comprehensive Guide

In light of recent headlines centred around social media platforms and various online websites failing to protect children’s privacy online, it’s completely reasonable for parents across the globe to take […]

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Cybersecurity and VPN Statistics and Trends in 2019

VPN Use and Cybersecurity go hand in hand. With Cybersecurity becoming a growing concern for many individuals, businesses and organisations, trends for 2019 show an increase in VPN use to […]

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VyperVPN - security audit completed

VyprVPN – No Log VPN Audit Complete

In late 2018, VyprVPN became one of the worlds first publicly audited VPN services. The audit, conducted by Leviathan Security Group, allowed the VyprVPN team to locate a few minor […]

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Google Incognito Mode - Duck Duck Go

Google’s Incognito Mode shows Personalised Search Results

The first privacy measure to which most Google Chrome users is the browser’s incognito mode. It may be, however, that this method doesn’t stop your browsing from being tracked at […]

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australian VyprVPN users busted

Australian Caught Illegally Downloading Despite Using a VPN

Update 11/01/2019: VyprVPN reached out to VPNCompass to let us know that this issue has now been fully resolved. The VyprVPN service is now the first VPN provider to have undertaken […]

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