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Heidi Finigan | 14 Apr 2017

VPNs for United Arab Emirates

UAE is a beautiful place. There are many people who visit UAE, especially Dubai, and are enchanted by the magnificence of the city. While it’s a great tourism destination, there are some websites and online services that are blocked here. For example, Skype, Whatsapp, and Facetime cannot be accessed in Dubai. Apart from these, gambling sites are also banned. The internet censorship is pretty strict in the United Arab Emirates.

We recommend Express VPN as the best VPN for the UAE, they have a fast and simple interface to bypass any restrictions.

While an old cybercrime law banned the use of VPNs in the country, there are many VPN websites that can be accessed easily. There have been several amendments to the law and there are many people who access the internet through VPN. In fact, there are numerous local stores that sell VoIP cards even though services like Skype are banned. It appears that while these services are not allowed by the law, the rules are not strictly followed and it’s somewhat okay for people to use VPN and VoIP. However, there is some content that is frowned upon and anti-religious hate speech can lead to a number of legal issues.

It’s advisable to stay safe and use a VPN for the acceptable “gray” areas. A VPN can help you access geographically restricted content in UAE. For example, if you want to watch a live sports match or UK Netflix, a VPN is a good way to do that. There are many VPNs that will allow you to be anonymous and access the internet, but the right VPN for UAE should have good encryption, a good number of servers, and keep no logs. Keep in mind that some VPNs are blocked in UAE, so if you’re planning to travel there, register with them before you leave. This way, you wouldn’t have to access their website and connect to the service directly.

Here are some good VPNs for Dubai.


Vypr VPN review

Vypr VPN review

The best thing about VyprVPN is its Chameleon technology that hides from VPN blocking software. The authorities cannot detect that your traffic is being routed through another server. The speeds offered by VyprVPN are good, so you can access live streaming through it. It has apps for all major platforms so you can stay connected no matter which device you’re using. They support multiple protocols including OpenVPN. They also offer NAT firewall for an additional level of security.Their company has servers in over 70 locations and you can connect to any location of your choice. They offer unlimited connectivity and have their own servers on their network.

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Express VPN

Express VPN review

ExpressVPN has 256-bit encryption and is SSL secured. This means that you are completely protected and your identity stays anonymous. It generally happens that as the security becomes better, the speeds drop. Not so with ExpressVPN. It offers high speed and total security. It supports OpenVPN and has a zero logging policy. Its servers are available in more than 94 countries and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. With so many features, it can be a great option for accessing blocked content in UAE. Whether you want to access Whatsapp or watch a US based show, ExpressVPN can help you break geo restrictions.

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IPVanish review

IPVanish offers 256-bit encryption and SOCKS5 web proxy for VoIP calling. It also has OpenVPN and allows you to access blocked websites and services. You can connect to up to 5 devices with IPVanish and thus stay protected on all devices using just one connection. Now you don’t have to stop using Whatsapp or Facetime just because you’re in UAE. You can keep your data and online activity private and surf the internet with peace of mind. With a good VPN connection such as IPVanish, you’re always protected and safe.

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