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Twitter accounts hacked

Twitter accounts hacked as the push for Twitter followers sales intensify

Hundreds of hacked Twitter accounts started posting links that users could use to buy followers. The hacked accounts, most of which belong to notable personalities and big organisations, started posting […]

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FriendFinder sites hacked

FriendFinder Networks hacked

FriendFriend Finder Networks, one of the largest companies that operate online adult hookup services have been attacked. The hackers have managed to access private data about more than 412 million […]

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Hackers paid $120K by Microsoft at Pwn Festival

Hackers paid $120K by Microsoft at Pwn Festival

Teams from Chinese and a South Korean hacker won this year’s hacking bounty by Microsoft Inc of $120,000. The two teams are from Qihoo, a Chinese security firm and Jung […]

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Netgear Routers reported to be vulnerable to Hacking Attacks

Netgear Routers reported to be vulnerable to Hacking Attacks

A line of Netgear Wi-Fi routers is highly susceptible to hacking attacks, according to sources. The susceptibility of the routers arises out of a vulnerability that users made public a […]

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Netflix Maintains Its Anti-VPN Policy

Netflix Maintains Its Anti-VPN Policy amidst Protests

Netflix has maintained its tough stance against the use of VPN services to access the content that it streams amidst growing protests from industry insiders. Twelve months ago, the company […]

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TOR internet security software

Using TOR software to increase Internet Security

For long, individuals have been relying on the use of TOR browsers to become anonymous when they are online and overcome all the dangers that they face when they are […]

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Korean K-Pop VPN users

International K-Pop Fans struggle to make their plays count

Fans of the sensational Korean act, K-Pop, are struggling to make their plays of the act count towards the charts, it has emerged. The fans of the group who are […]

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Piracy Warnings sent to UK internet users

The recent attempts by authorities in the UK to send piracy warning letters to Internet users in the country is likely to fuel the demand for VPN services in the […]

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Pure VPN

Pure VPN: The Answer to Hacker Threats

Hackers are increasingly posing a danger to individuals and organisations alike. Only recently, cases of hackers accessing websites of companies and other organisations have been on the rise. Interestingly, news […]

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