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Google Incognito Mode - Duck Duck Go

Google’s Incognito Mode shows Personalised Search Results

The first privacy measure to which most Google Chrome users is the browser’s incognito mode. It may be, however, that this method doesn’t stop your browsing from being tracked at […]

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firefox bug - authentication modals in loop

Firefox bug – Authentication Modals in Loop

Malicious sites take advantage of many bugs to trap users and trick them into handing over sensitive data. Firefox has one that prevents users from leaving a site (or the […]

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NordVPN - Christmas 2018 - special offer

NordVPN Christmas Deal

The NordVPN have just released a great new offer in time for Christmas 2018. The NordVPN Christmas Deal gives an amazing 75% discount to their 3-Year subscription plan: the final […]

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Google Play Store - apps banned

Google Removes 22 Apps from Play Store

Android is so huge today that even if Google claims to be able to keep 99% of the malware-riddled content away, what little amount of apps that do get through […]

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Australian Assistance and Access Bill

Assistance and Access Bill

The Australian Assistance and Access Bill is now an Act. It passed — and without any of the amendments proposed by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, which backed down completely in […]

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australian VyprVPN users busted

Australian Caught Illegally Downloading Despite Using a VPN

Update 11/01/2019: VyprVPN reached out to VPNCompass to let us know that this issue has now been fully resolved. The VyprVPN service is now the first VPN provider to have undertaken […]

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Australian Universities are Tracking You

It’s almost impossible to stay off your school or university WiFi network while you’re in class, whether it be for studying, watching videos or doing basically anything. Though, this article […]

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VyperVPN server overhaul

VyperVPN Undergoes Major Server Overhaul

This week, Golden Frog announced that over the past few months VyperVPN has been undergoing a major server overhaul with an integral focus on speed, stability and security.  The company […]

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Yahoo Caught Scanning Email Data

This week, The Wall Street Journal revealed that both Yahoo and parent company, Verizon, are scanning user emails, storing the data they collect and selling it on to advertisers. The […]

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