NordVPN Adds More New Servers

Billy Swain | 15 Aug 2018

NordVPN - new servers added

It’s only been a few weeks since NordVPN boosted their server count in 11 countries around the world, but they’re already back with another service update! The VPN service posted on their blog this week that they’ve expanded their network of encrypted servers yet again, this time in 13 countries.

The main reason behind this, as always, is to provide customers with a ‘private and secure’ internet no matter where they are.

The NordVPN can now boast a staggering 4,820 servers in 62 countries. this makes it one of the biggest virtual private network providers in the world and certainly one that customers can rely on to get a stable connection in almost any country around the world.

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New NordVPN Servers

The past fortnight has seen the addition of new servers in 13 countries, including Australia.

Take a look below at NordVPN’s official server additions and their codes.

  • Australia #192-227
  • Azerbaijan #5-8
  • Belgium #59-66
  • Canada #367-390
  • France #173-176
  • Italy #44-47
  • Japan #115-126
  • Netherlands #344-351
  • Portugal #15-18
  • Sweden #152-175
  • Switzerland #72-91
  • United Kingdom #673-688
  • United States #2392-2395, #2481-2516, #2525-2536, #2541-2552, #2561-2588, #2593-2604, #2609-2624, #2633-2636, #2662-2665, #2674-2677

A few of the servers were simply added as a replacement to older ones. This is great for users of NordVPN and means that the service will be more stable, faster and even more secure than before. Exactly what users expect from a top-tier VPN service.

If you’re interested in signing up to NordVPN or want to learn more, check out the link below for an exclusive VPNCompass pricing across all vpn plans:

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